Stumble upon gets redesigned

Stumble upon gets redesigned


StumbleUpon Redesign Means More Potential Traffic For Sites

StumbleUpon has been redesigned. We had a phone conversation with CEO Garrett Camp, VP, Marketing Marc Leibowtz and Director of Communications Mike Mayzel, and the company tells us they consider the relaunch “the most significant and consumer-driven product announcement to date.”

Indeed, it has the potential to make the general StumbleUpon experience more relevant to users, while greatly increasing traffic to websites.

While the relaunch comes with a redesigned homepage, toolbar and even logo, it’s really all about two features. One feature, you may already be familiar with – the Explore Box. It’s been in beta for months, but with the relaunch, it’s not any longer, and will appear in the upper right-hand corner anytime someone is stumbling.

the new stumbleupon homepage

We wrote about the feature back in July. I said back then that it could be viewed as “a new way to search the web,” as it lets you stumble through content based on the keywords that you enter into the search box.

Camp tells us, however, “it’s not a full-on search engine,” noting that it has expanded StumbleUpon’s discovery engine from 500 topics to half a million interests. But it’s “not a search engine for everything.”

The second feature is the one you’ll probably more interested in, however. At least a business or a website owner.

That would be channels. Every site, celebrity, brand or business can set up their own profile and get people to follow them on StumbleUpon. You know, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.

stumbleupon channel

Before, sites always had to worry about flooding the StumbleUponiverse (call it what you want) with too much content, and driving users away, or getting content out there at the right time, but this eliminates these worries. In fact, StumbleUpon is essentially encouraging sites to share everything they have by connecting their RSS feeds or Twitter accounts to their channels.

It’s still interwoven with StumbleUpon’s algorithms. Users who follow your channel will see more of your content in the mix as they’re stumbling like usual. They’ll also recommend your content to users who like similar sites. The company tell us they’ll be implementing more channel recommendation features over time. It won’t just be a one time thing at sign up.

There are 250 launch partners for the channels.

StumbleUpon has already been a tremendous source of web traffic for some sites. Sources have already indicated that it’s a bigger traffic driver than Facebook in the U.S. Now consider the potential of this move.

I don’t know about you, but I do a fair amount of my stumbling from my phone. The mobile apps will get access to the content that comes from the channels right away, but you won’t be able to manage your channels from the mobile apps at first, though from the sound of it, this will probably come in the future.

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